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Product descriptions / installation manuals

These manuals and publications are updated at irregular intervals. Please make sure that you use to the most recent version.


Four types of flashes

If you are about to order a "CalGnome", please read the manual in detail. There are order options which can only be understood in context of the paper (jumper in power source wiring / sense of logic of micro switches).

BTW, If you plan to use an LX device as source of your Flarm data stream, please call me. Unfortunately, LX does not adher to the Flarm IGC plug pinout standard (RJ12 instead of RJ45). You might be in need of a special cable.


Orders may be sent to my Consulting Office as a nonformal mail at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!). The mail should contain the type of aircraft, the type of the device sourcing the FLARM data stream, and the address of the client in full. When I have no other info I will ship to that address. Please indicate what method of payment will be used (bank account or PayPal), as this might influence fees.

With orders from abroad (outside Germany) I expect advance payment against a proforma invoice.

Clients from abroad, who are natural persons, not firms, will have to pay German VAT.
Clients from abroad, who are legal persons, firms, do not have to pay German VAT, however, all customs dues are to be paid by the client.
However, the valid VAT number is required from legal firm clients inside the EU to avoid VAT payment.


Shipping will always occur as an insured parcel. Please be warned, as experience shows, mailing fees, PayPal fees, bank transfer fees to countries abroad may be considerable.


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